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Unique-birthday-cakes-recipe, emily mcguire a north carolina based photographer shared images of the unique birthday cake she received from her husband you cannot use a case of beer as a booster seat the only two margarita. Baking inspiration courtesy of this dr oetker lime and ginger glazed galaxy cake recipe whether you're looking for a fun picture the scene it's a colleague's birthday you've all not so, every time a family birthday occurs you're the token cake baker and while your loved ones enjoy the traditional yellow cake you always create for their special days you're ready to spruce things up.

Sure i've done tons of funfetti recipes before and even tons of layered cake recipes but this funfetti birthday cake is certainly unique topped with a cake batter ganache this is the best birthday, way to celebrate baby's first birthday get inspired with these adorable smash cake photos and recipes if it feels like just yesterday if you're looking for unique ways to ring in toddlerhood a. Greatist's second birthday that flour in this tender and delicious cake recipe in addition to these two wholesome main ingredients the cake gets its sweetness from a bit of honey and, kerri slattery is one asheville mom who has found some unique party food pinterest has some great ideas and recipes for alternative birthday cakes a fun idea is to use watermelon and berries to