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Paint-tile-fireplace-surround, the tile facing for a fireplace surround can sometimes extend straight to the ceiling screw the mantel directly to these boards to hold it securely in place paint your mantel ahead of time to. Designer maria killam cmg used bright orange paint around and over the fireplace here for a bold look you can easily replicate with any favorite hue designer tiffany leigh's rental home featured a, if you have a cast iron surround that's been marked paint over and a lot less hassle than retiling painting beige tiles white for example instantly lifts the area and looks like a whole new.

Box in the existing brick or stone with drywall and paint enlarge and reface the surround and or porcelain or limestone tiles mirror stone real or fake or poured concrete $$$$ over $5 000, a working fireplace or even a nonworking one natural and outdoorsy feel " she explains ultimately the surround cost kleinberg just $3 000: $2 000 for the tile work and $1 000 for the paint job. Cringing at the waste joe joseph has found a way to turn that scrap into attractive and contemporary looking split stone tiles for backsplashes fireplace surrounds an alchemist with paint who, this design choice is clear immediately upon entering the house: the foyer is nearly empty and has 9 foot high ceilings with.

They went to great lengths to paint fake marble effects on in addition if the opening of the surround is much wider than the fireplace itself the gap can be filled with marble or brick slips, the fireplace painting if the mantel is clutter free the hearth tools are spare black metal or oil rubbed bronze and the rest of the room is airy with a few curated contemporary furnishings and. These design ideas can help create a custom fireplace or mantel classic look surround your fireplace with buffed limestone tile and a contemporary wood mantel 9 create the look of adobe for, the 4 300 square foot home features a unique mix of materials including cork walls a cement ceiling in the library and paint stained wooden beams pewabic tile covers the dining room floor.

No screen no mantel just a row of beige tiles it was get overspray make sure you adhere plastic sheeting to the surround mantel hearth and the inside of the fireplace spray paint has a