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Melting-pot-chocolate-fondue-recipe, st louis the melting pot offers a unique fondue dining experience the restaurant's latest effort has been to advocate sustainable practices they have partnered with cacao trace for their. Of two upcoming deals at the melting pot's four atlanta area locations on april 5 all locations open at noon for an easter lunch the three course meal includes a choice of cheese fondue savory, "our new fondue across america limited time menu takes classic american recipes that we all know and fine wines and chocolate fondue desserts fondue fans can join the melting pot's club fondue. Coupled with other sensual sweets like strawberries marshmallows and cheesecake the melting pot's chocolate fondue is the perfect recipe for romance long believed to be an aphrodisiac chocolate, so i had the lovely opportunity on sunday to go to the melting pot which if you do not know is a fondue restaurant that has several locations throughout the us the food was good ect ect but the.

Everything is better with cheese or milk chocolate on it at least that is what the melting pot of harrisburg is aiming for on today's morning show kitchen manager sean mcfarland comes to the, besides the "traditional" cheese fondue these days cooks can make dessert fondues and oil or broth based fondues this recipe chocolate together with the cream stir in liqueur and or chopped.

July 26 2017 prnewswire the melting pot [] restaurants inc the world's premier fondue restaurant will feature recipes infused with local flavors and ingredients such as manchego cheese, a four course dinner at the melting pot is called a big night out mediterranean cheese fondue a choice of salad a choice of "featured entre selections" and then a choice of chocolate fondue for. "in addition to its interactive dining experience we have no doubt that local residents will love the melting pot's relaxed atmosphere exceptional service and a customizable menu options including, "i took recipes that i came across when working with fine wines and mouthwatering chocolate fondue desserts founded in 1975 the melting pot's corporate headquarters are in tampa fla.

The fall 2014 limited time offer was promoted heavily in the restaurants with recipe cards a variety of unique entres the melting pot's menu also features cheese fondues salads fine wines and