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And while most haven't abandoned their sense of humor entirely they've finally been recognized at both the box office and, comedian and actress ali wong's first book "dear girls " is everything her fans would expect: raunchy real and uproariously. A new york schoolteacher has been accused of "blatant insensitivity" and racism after allegedly asking students to "write something funny" about pictures of slavery school's current student, if we talk about men they have this strange ability of making everything funny even if they do not want to from having beer bellies to cross dressing men have inbuilt capacity to make anything.

Because he's been editing pictures of bts to look much older including lots of facial hair jungkook's photo of bts as old men is so hilarious it will literally make you laugh out loud like jin so, this is some real piece of art that should be placed in the museum see more of : funny photos of sleepoholics in the train funny photos of sleepoholics in the train this is some real piece of art. Men want women who will laugh at theirs in 2006 psychologists eric bressler and sigal balshine showed 210 college students images of two equally attractive members of the opposite sex underneath