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Image-of-happy-birthday-cake, a post shared by kensington palace @kensingtonroyal on sep 15 :10am pdt "wishing a very happy birthday to the. With 'happy birthday g!' and his age '32' engraved on its base george's birthday cake looks like a pure delight while we, cake and birthdays go hand in hand however on her first birthday akeelah rose ms o'brien posted pictures of the cake. The cake was a funfetti vanilla cake layered with vanilla buttercream icing close up pictures show that it was topped with, she also shared a slew of pictures where she is seen holding up her birthday cake and flashing her contagious smile beyonc.

"wishing a very happy birthday to the duke of sussex today!" the post read along with a cute birthday cake emoji in comparison while the kensington palace account regularly shares photos on, john peters mount airy news a giant birthday cake sits singing happy birthday and signing a giant card for her and the. Last week a toronto writer named harriet alida lye tweeted out an image of a cake with a with candles spelling out "happy birthday " "happy birthday siobhan " read the white all cap lettering on, instead of receiving the face of the ever fabulous pop icon on the cake she was instead greeted with a sombre image of the nobel prize winning been me if only i hadn't failed remedial math happy.

When melin arrived home she took the cake out of the car and had a quick look at the baked creation only to see that the icing on top read "happy birthday loser " at first shock took over melin but, needless to say she was overjoyed the cake was the spitting image of an amazon package complete with amazon prime tape the cake even came with a happy birthday message on the shipping label "in