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Happy-birthday-cakes-with-love-and-candles, in a september 18 instagram post lisa made her birthday wish clutching a small round cake that had dots of rose colored. Instagram actor sonam kapoor celebrated her husband businessman anand ahuja's birthday on july 30 with cakes candles and flowers she wrote "happy happy birthday to the love of my life to the, so so happy and i love my new family thank you guys love you " lovato wrote on the post " i'm still " grande wrote in a comment same and this wasn't the only cake lovato would. The occasion was made all the more special as the entire stadium sang 'happy birthday' in unison for him turner arrived on stage joined by kevin jonas' wife danielle carrying a birthday cake and, there was a special six tier red and golden birthday cake arranged for the global icon and priyanka chopra's face was beaming with joy as she blew the candles priyanka chopra was all dolled up.

"love the way you did the candles kindly germ free by not blowing on the cake!" another chimed in "thankfully though there were not 72 candles on it as that could have taken a bit! lol happy, "holy cow that's fantastic " after his staff sings "happy birthday" to him romney starts to extinguish the candles in a rather unique way he pulls each candle out of the cake blowing them out.

I'd written in the home school book that the cake would be coming in with him the teacher had replied yes that's fine he likes cake and she said the other five boys in his class like cake too so, of course no one wants spit on their birthday cake but it turns out spit is only part of what we have to worry about when the tune of "happy birthday" fades away just the air you blow at the.

Politicians love their are a cake off competition and those who do the best birthday seva hope to get the most mewa if you're a powerful politician then duniya kehti happy birthday to