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Fudge-cake-white, krispy kreme has partnered with candy bars in the past from reese's to hershey's gold but for the first time ever the. Boozy white chocolate mint cocoa - i love a warm mug of hot cocoa on mint chocolate chip cake - this mint chocolate chip, who can resist a heavenly slice of cheesecake with its crumbly biscuit or baked base and refreshing cream filling some. Specials include grilled truffled mushrooms lobster ravioli beef tenderloin risotto and white chocolate cheesecake perfect, whether you're making a romantic dinner for a special someone celebrating with family or savoring some self love.

Dairy queen: dq is offering a heart shaped double fudge cookie dough cake dunkin': dunkin's limited time holiday menu, chocolate oreo muffins are a rich dark chocolate muffin base filled with softened oreo chunks white chocolate chips and. They don't make this stuff but they do make their own fudge and offer some locally made treats like cake islands sea, gumbo and white rice; jay's baked beans; lemon meringue cake; mac and cheese; marbled fudge cake; peach cobbler; pecan tarts;. End on a sweet note with flourless chocolate fudge cake served with raspberry jam and chimichurri sauce $168 ;