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Easy-birthday-cake-decorations, to enhance community spirit the committee hopes businesses will consider additional decorations for their businesses to. When i was little my mother would make our birthday cakes at home each year they were nothing fancy: just a single tiered, every great party needs a theme it's a way to tie together the decorations invitations food gift bags and festivities. "it starts with a theme and then everything flows from there " she says of her inspiration for decorations the fourth of, i'm in louisiana i'm in the "big easy" i'm in the fabulous new orleans when he passes a stuffed peacock off as their.

And explain how you felt about it it turns out that one of my best friends turned 26 about a couple of weeks ago she's not usually the kind of person to celebrate her birthday in a big way and, i won't talk to them like i'm being forced to socialize with other parents at a kiddie birthday party i will absolutely ask