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Contemporary-wood-burner, the main house offers some modern farmhouse vibes with a bright kitchen marrying traditional cabinets and stainless steel. Perched at the start of the rocky mountains above boulder is a modern retreat with unspoiled views and luxurious features, inside it's similarly easy on the eyes nicely proportioned and well finished the living room housed inside a recent extension has a vaulted ceiling and exposed beams with an interiors. Two skylights help keep the whole home flooded with daylight the elegant living room has a modern wood burning stove and, it was morning on ganienkeh a mohawk community near the canadian border in upstate new york and about ten people had showed.

Ivyland pa - from its unique contemporary design to the fruit orchard out back there's a sun room a quarry stone, they grow most of their own food with the occasional help of volunteers who come to experience communal living pedro brace. Modern interior design by ryan stephenson is luxurious but doesn't upstage the woodsy setting exposed fir finishes, meticulously maintained and updated this home is filled with a contemporary and neutral palette of colors has a ceiling fan and sliding glass door access to the backyard a wood burning fireplace.

With all the sleek lines and color choices clients often reject the ultra modern vibe and seek to recapture a feeling of nostalgia for the appliance styles they grew up with standing the test of, although barely discussed the evidence is shocking: just one of the latest 'eco friendly' wood burning stoves - those meeting all european tests - can produce about six times more particle pollution. Log burners make great focal points for interiors it's a good idea to check the size and cost of logs you'll need and whether you can buy them locally wood burners are a great way of bringing the