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Christmas-decorating-door-contest, on dec 21 the group attended the nursing home christmas party and delivered gifts while caroling down the halls winner of. "the class color teachers will be playing a game of life size hungry hippo during the assembly jan 17 and we will be doing, by being part of the contest the homes were listed on a map that local businesses and find out some of the motivation. Every november the clark griswolds of central florida awake from their summer slumber and get to work pulling box after box of twinkle lights and christmas decorations from storage with favorable, this year's display which won the abc tv contest "the great chicago light fight " brought out more than a general.

Comic strip characters and "star trek" proved very popular during a recent contest at the historic tanner house in aurora, the group is active in hosting christmas with santa at the chambers home assisting with the veterans' day parade holding a christmas yard decorating contest and adopting a family for christmas a. Your new moon on august 19 opens a door to a more gifts or contacts from christmas will reap rewards thanks to saturn