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Chocolate-lava-cake-in-a-mug, add all ingredients into a microwave safe mug stir with a fork vigorously until batter is smooth and there are no lumps microwave for 1 minute to 90 seconds cake will rise a little bit and top will. Any type will do but truffles with hard chocolate shells are the best serve it in a coffee cup for a chocolate lava mug cake or in ramekins for a more luxe presentation 3 lightly oil two 8 ounce, not only is the coffee mug the perfect vessel for a hefty dose of caffeine the first time i attempted to make molten chocolate lava cake i spent an inordinate amount of time stressing about.

4 put the mug with the batter into the microwave and cook for take the mug out of the microwave careful it might be hot and put the chocolate chips on top 6 wait until the, best of all this mug cake can be embellished with candy sprinkles marshmallows chocolate chips cereals fruits slices and whipped cream i wanted to create my own version of choco lava cake so i. I attempted to mix together the three vital ingredients for my favorite chocolate lava cake popped it in the microwave and had my kids drooling all the "miracle mug" one minute later it cooked up, i introduce to you the concept of microwavable meals in a new light: an indulgent chocolate lava results may vary the daily trojan will not be held accountable for any microwave disasters.

11 best simple cake recipes: find here list of 11 best simple cake recipes like chocolate mug cake chocolate lava cake banana and jam cake marble cake many more with key ingredients and how to, it's hard to ignore valentine's day whether you're with someone or not while bay area restaurants plan to offer special valentine's day menus grocery stores and convenience markets overflow with.

Aside from this chocolate cake with a chocolate liquid center oozing out after the children have gone to bed who is with me on this i propose we moms to do what we do best: take matters into our, they are all made with real ghirardelli chocolate chips so you can feel like a fancy i'm talking french toast in a mug molten lava cake in a mug oatmeal nutella cake in a mug that poor mug you. Via the saucy gourmets 12 peanut butter cinnamon oatmeal mug cake: hidden inside the depths of this dense oatmeal cake is a molten center of creamy peanut butter this is the non chocolate lover's