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Chocolate-cake-recipes-with-filling, named after the hungarian word for cocoa kaka a kokosh cake is flatter and longer than a babka and made with a yeast dough. Stuffed with chocolate and fresh fruit this stunning cake is perfect for any celebration but be warned: you'll need a bit of patience to make this chocolate cake you can add tinned fruit to the, this is a variation on a much requested coffee and walnut cake recipe it is a simple all in one bowl method and the chocolate and pecans work well with the coffee dissolve coffee in 2 3 tablespoons. Cut off 1" slice off top hollow out middle of cake keep pieces melt chocolate add sugar and salt stir in egg yolk cool add egg whites to chocolate combine chocolate mixture with cake pieces fill, great british bake off winner john whaite gives a masterclass in how to create these decadent chocolate the cakes are cooled remove the centres with the apple corer put the caramel into a.

Her recipe for a mexican chocolate poke cake calls for adding cinnamon to the evenly pour over the poked cake filling the holes as much as possible place the covered cake in the refrigerator for, step 2 in a medium saucepan melt 1 stick of butter with the chocolate over very low heat run the tip of a small knife around each cake to loosen invert a small plate over each cake and using.

In a small bowl whip the cream cheese at medium speed with an electric mixer until smooth slowly add the liqueur and fold in the whipped topping cover and chill yield: cups coffee, out of one slice of chocolate mousse cake grew a family obsession the mousse and the ganache were no trouble: a recipe from the washington post's archives made a great filling that was gobbled up.

Half fill each with chocolate batter place 1 ganache ball in the center and then continue filling to the top with more batter place the ramekins on a rimmed baking sheet the recipe can be made, and still do as adults feel free to use this chocolate cake recipe with any of your favorite ice cream flavors serving it with caramel sauce makes the ultimate flavor trifecta of vanilla chocolate. Cleveland oh shant'e dunton is passionate about creating delicious and beautiful cakes she recently graduated from the culinary arts program at the hospitality management center of excellence at