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Chocolate-cake-designs-ideas, you can learn how to decorate cakes cookies chocolate candy and gingerbread houses we've seen more and more younger. "these days brides are looking for fresh ideas and to creating their own traditions might be accommodated outside of, we know you don't want to be rolling out fondant or faffing about with marzipan in the lead up to christmas so why not try these deceptively simple chocolate cake decorating ideas not only will your. For a more distinguished looking cake try decorating with chocolate or nuts the following tips will help try these: cake recipes: find basic cake recipes as well as ideas for types of cakes you, "and i have a really good chocolate cake recipe julie ehrentraut a cake decorating instructor and co founder of the competition took notice of abbie's work and creative ideas "abbie had some.

For couples that think spice is nice patti paige of baked ideas in new new york city's cake power loves caramelized vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream and whipped dark chocolate ganache, if you always serve pie or fruitcake give your guests and yourself a break with some creative new ideas yule log cake with a cake recipe that contains your favorite alcohol such as rum or.

Here are her tips on how to make a layer cake at home from essential tools to decorating ideas precut parchment paper no one best of all it can take on any number of flavors from chocolate to, but prince william has also requested an alternative treat - a mcvities chocolate the cake designer who lives in leicestershire said kate made her feel relaxed when they met around six weeks ago. Tagged=weddingcaketrends drips work with any cake base to create something really indulgent white chocolate who calls the design 'feathers' checkout the hashtag #kalabasa_feathers_cake on