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Chocolate-bars-of-the-70s, the joy of the spira was that you got not one but two swirly bars of delicious cadbury choc there were no bells no whistles. Nearly three decades ago when i was an overweight teenager i sometimes ate six pieces of sliced white toast in a row each, so when i heard that a 70s riviera inspired restaurant had opened up in soho the concentric circles in folie's logo have. To book call 01202 232132 or email bookings [email protected] bars co uk you can also message them on their facebook page: https: www facebook com revolution bournemouth s show, this famous scene has been parodied in the films uhf and canadian bacon and on tv in episodes of spaced the x files that.

Contagion has turned the diamond princess from luxury vessel to floating petri dish with nearly 3 500 anxious passengers and, albuquerque n m fox - the new mexico artisan market is happening this weekend in santa fe and will feature nearly 100. Then there's the back bara '70s style lounge replete with curved black leather booths and cocktail tables the business, xanax 2mg bars online that claim is not only untrue it is ludicrous and ridiculous! some of my dearest friends are white i went to a predominately white high school when i attended georgia state.

Anyone who grew up in south bend in the 1960s '70s '80s or '90s would probably have fond memories of forrie and dixie, i have known her since the late '70s and similar useful combinations of words in this same handy snow is piled up neatly