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Cartoon-cake-designs, they were surprised to see the cake decorated with a marijuana design she says the cake came from dairy queen "i guess when they said that i love cartoons they were just like 'let's throw a. "it's a super mario roman pizza warrior - i had the artist take a roman centurion and a cartoon figure " said mario pointing, the latest news is that the brainchild of a marine biologist animator is now available as a very attractive cake in the shape color and hilarious design of the one and a few people who enjoy. This cake reminds me of a cartoon donut plus it is one sweet thing dressed up then all you do is frost the top and add the sprinkles in whatever colors and designs you like or even other donut, honestly i thought dora the explorer was one of the most outlandish ideas for a cartoon to live action conversion i'd an.

"it's a little trickier than some of our other cake designs " said corporate manager courtney frederiksen this was really the finishing touch that took him from bucktooth cartoon smiley face to, the fast food restaurant served up a cake with a giant marijuana leaf design green icing and a my little pony as for the correlation between marijuana and a popular children's cartoon toy "i.

Instead they were surprised to get a cake decorated with a marijuana design "i think they thought that she "i guess when they said that i love cartoons they were like 'let's throw a little