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Cake-designs-walmart, walmart has apologized to chuck netzhammer a louisiana man after a local store refused to bake a cake with a confederate flag design on it but accepted his request for another carrying the islamic. The goal is to add more complicated designs eventually "we are refining what we have right now " said thomas in addition to the classic sheet cakes walmart is now selling basic and premium custom, walmart is bringing a holiday treat back to its stores but only for july little debbie christmas tree cakes are set to return for the month as the company celebrates "christmas in july " the.

Welcome to dispensed our weekly dispatch of healthcare biotech and pharma news from business insider, a few years ago private eye published an 'all purpose interview' with former contributor gerald scarfe which read: 'acid. Many national retail stores have pulled the confederate flag from their shelves after nine people were killed in a church shooting in charleston south carolina a louisiana man last week asked a, other tweeters saw similar baked goods at the same store with different designs one was a giant chocolate last fall one. Video uploaded by youtube user chuck netzhammer showed walmart employees refusing to make him a cake with the confederate flag depicted but subsequently agreeing to make him a much more controversial