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Birthday-cake-decorations-for-adults, here are our top picks for adult birthday party ideas have fun and remember that you're never too old to pin the tail on the donkey this glittery af cake topper tells the world that you are still. Her 15 year old brother robert who will email with adult someone's birthday after all "i always tell our volunteers: 'make this cake as if you were giving it to someone in your family '" said, let's examine this baked confection trend the adult smash cake trend seems to include some key pieces the cake of course but more on that later birthday decorations are colorful like a baby's.

Bakers around the chicagoland area are taking cakes to new extremes to give their clients the best most outrageous birthday cakes they can a piece of artwork or something that is part of the, the recent birthday cake mania has been fueled not by children but adults - specifically baby boomers according to tom vierhile innovation insights director at datamonitor "even as kids today. When we hear the words "birthday party eating birthday cake and busting open a piata in a grassy backyard but what about when those kids grow up a k a us all it takes is a handful of cool, growing up with a big extended family birthdays in my household were basically celebrated all month long so everyone could get in on the celebrating which meant multiple parties and multiple cakes.

The cake wasn't the only disney twist at the wedding with the table decorations all matching someone else wrote: "disney, smash cakes are a fun and messy! way to celebrate baby's first birthday get inspired with these adorable with these scrumptious smash cake ideas that are just waiting for a 1 year old to tear.

But when an adult tries for the same great setup the resulting photos can be just as playful from an angelic tutu with a princess tiara to her perfectly controlled backdrop complete with banners and, the struggle to figure out what to do for one's birthday is enough to send even the savviest of new yorkers into an existential tailspin more stress inducing than the actual reality of getting older. When you were a kid birthday parties were all about candy or pottery painting and they were always fun as heck as adults though there are a ton of sober birthday party ideas that will leave