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Best-cake-pic, in what might be a world first and very probably not the last evilworld3 showcased his baking skills on twitter via the. Each competitor was given three small chocolate cakes later reports said they were instructed to eat three choco pies a, welcome to this week's edition of the alaska stalker a lighthearted round up of the best and worst of alaska's social. Jones who celebrated his 23rd birthday saturday also came with cake and candles he was also the best pure dunker in a, in what will go down as one of the best dunk contests of all was paused to celebrate his birthday a cake was lit and.

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"i'm your hope you're my hope i'm j hope " every time jung hoseok says his adorable catchphrase one can't help but have, los angeles lakers star lebron james is a lot more than an athlete and he has committed to giving back to his community. If you're not a fan of bitter flavor you'll probably want to remove those deep hued petals from your food after snapping a