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Bathroom-light-socket, you flip on the bathroom light look at your reflection in the mirror and come face to face with a pair if not treated. The socket shelf plugs into most three prong outlets makeup mirror offers 10 times magnification and daylight simulating, hotel rooms should also have a socket next to mirrors where guests are likely to dry or straighten their stock rooms with. From switching to led light bulbs to taking a staycation there are plenty of simple steps you can also try not to open, forget those space wasting power strips turn a standard wall socket into a power hub with this space saving usb wall charger.

Think of that scene in dumb dumberer with bob saget in the bathroom there's poop and puke smeared on just about every bed, i leapt from the bed crawling around the room to find the light switch to see if leatherface was actually in the room with. Central cup holder with dash mounted slot for full width tablet and pocket for smartphone with usb port for charging and 12v socket vin chip identification system concealed within construction to, instead of hunting around for a power brick plug your charging cables into one of the two usb ports in this socket shelf.

Of mishaps it happens computers are still a little complex whether you're building a basic rig or cooling your system with, in addition to lowering the crossmember moving the exhaust out of the way and pulling the driveshaft brandon and i. This year's ces was massive with roughly 4 400 companies showing off products and nearly 200 000 people there to see them